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Jean Monnet Chair for EU Value Oriented Neighbourhood and Trade Policy

Beyond a narrow circle of specialists, knowledge of the European Neighbourhood Policy, and the EU’S external economic and political relations framework, is sparse. The objective of a Jean Monnet Chair - “EU Value-Oriented Neighborhood and Trade Policy” is to address precisely this problem by making the values of the European Neighbourhood Policy, and of EU external economic relations as a whole, accessible to a broad audience and a focal point of academic instruction at the university. The Jean Monnet Chair will perpetuate this objective, which is grounded in Articles 8 and 21 TEU, and Art. 205 et seq. TFEU.

Jean Monnet Chairs are awarded to professors in a competitive application process, distinguished by their special expertise, academic achievements and commitment in the field of European integration.

Specifically, the Jean Monnet Chair will engage in innovative teaching about the European Neighborhood Policy and value-oriented external trade of the EU (1), intensifying transnational research on the legal, economic, and political relations of the EU with a focus on the Caucasus region, Central Asia, and Ethiopia (2) and qualifying young scientists from the EU and third countries who focus on the topic of the Jean Monnet Chair in their research and teaching (3). Outside of academia we will be promoting knowledge regarding the values of the EU for non-university target groups (4) and fostering dialogue between academics and policy makers/stakeholders (5).

Prof. Christian Tietje, who has been working intensively in the areas of EU law, common commercial policy of the EU, international economic law, and public international law for more than 20 years, will head the Jean Monnet Chair. The chair will implement the goals by offering newly-designed accessible lectures, seminars, doctoral colloquiums, virtual conferences, stakeholder workshops, and public outreach events. The diverse audiences will be served, while
safeguarding the lasting impact of the Chair’s objective, through creative public outreach, including 10-12 open access lectures, 15-20 podcast episodes, 6-12 YouTube videos, and 5-7 teaching materials for primary and secondary school teachers. Part of the project team are moreover colleagues from inter alia Aserbaidschan and Ethiopia.


Franka Nodewald
(Project Coordinator)

room 2.10 (Juridicum)
Universitätsplatz 5 (Juridicum)
06108 Halle (Saale)

phone: 0345 55 23164